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Our Ghost in Her Wood (review)

In the latest (and final, sadly) issue (Issue 7, Spring/Summer '06) of E|I Magazine, one of Drone Forest's recordings received a very honest, yet favorable review:

Drone Forest - Our Ghost In Her Wood"The woods are lovely, dark and deep," plainly observed Robert Frost one dark Winter's solstice long ago; the exact same thing could be said about this refreshingly unaffected recording as well. Unduly harsh critics will probably voice misplaced concerns over Drone Forest's apparent naiveté. Granted, this plangently ambient, rurally localized soundscape is about as far from being a "musique du mondialisation" (i.e., the laptop scene) as possible, but isn't that its saving grace? Of course, it is all too easy to completely misread this earnest a musical sentiment, situated as it is in that nuanced position between a kind of neo-fauvism and a decisive non-postmodernism. Fine. But where does that orientation actually leave things? Simple: in a place that is more than comfortable with the power of musical simile (e.g., this music sounds downright sylvan), a device not so much shunned as avoided like the plague nowadays. "Our Ghost in Her Wood" is unafraid even to have solos that are literally for the (simulacral) birds. Recall what The Beatles used in lieu of solo guitar on "Blackbird" and understand the amazing things that can happen when the only promises to keep are to oneself. -- R. Duckworth
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