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Frans de Waard reviewed a few Drone Forest thingies in the latest Vital Weekly. Here's what he said:

DRONE FOREST - HONEY (CDR by Drone Forest)
DRONE FOREST - .POINT. (CDR by Drone Forest)
This is not a fixed group of musicians, but rather a free floating membership, but the nucleus is one Ian C. Stewart, who collects material that people send him through the internet, and all the material must have 'no beats and no melody'. Some people are quite regular contributors such as Mike Bowman and C. Reider, and some no doubt never send their contributions, such as Aliester [sic] Crowley and Anton LaVey, but no doubt they are culled from the internet somewhere. Three releases is a bit much to digest. There are both similarities as well as minor differences. The similarities lie mainly in the statistics: each of the three releases has a collection of relatively short pieces, say between two and six minutes and in total each has about ten to twelve pieces. The differences are in the approach per tape. The most strict drone release is '.Point.' I think. Stretched out field of thickly layered sound, smeared with at times an unhealthy dose of effects (which is actually a
between all three). On the other side of the spectrum is 'Honey' which seems to be collecting pieces that use musique concrete as the source of the drone music. Less dwelling on stretched out sounds, this is more collage-like. 'Wormwood' seems to be in the middle of these, combining the best of both ends (if indeed there is such a thing as ends in this) and perhaps the best point to start. Perhaps it would be nicer if the use of sound effects was a little bit less, and some pieces could use a little bit more work and some extension. Otherwise Drone Forest is however quite a nice conceptual project. (FdW)

Not the best review in the world, but ah well. You can't expect everyone to like DF unequivocally, like I do.

Also, I cringe a little bit when I see how the group membership is described, since Davie Blint was left out.

The one he likes ("Wormwood") just went live on Drone Forest's website moments ago.

Also, Vital has a podcast ( ) which presumably contains samples from these releases.
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