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drone forest - honey

There is a new full-length recording, free to download, at the Drone Forest web page. (Scroll down and click the honey album cover)

Members True believers(!) of the droneforest community get first crack at these new tracks, as per the usual, so please comment and let us know what you think.

honey, assembled by Ian C. Stewart, is a collection of tracks assembled in 2005 with help from pals around the globe. These drones are clear, upfront and active and demand your attention. Musique Concrète, if you must.

These tracks mark a transitional phase of the group, and signal a new period of increased activity to come.

...a shaft of sunlight through the trees.

Track Listing:

(one direct link, in case you don't believe me!)

1. actual - 4.7 Mb
2. broadleaved crown - 5.8 Mb
3. cupressaceae - 6.1 Mb
4. honey - 4.0 Mb
5. land of little sticks - 3.5 Mb
6. outerdependence - 4.1 Mb
7. perennial - 2.3 Mb
8. picea - 3.0 Mb
9. picture of - 6.6 Mb
10. profusely branched - 2.9 Mb
11. twigs of hermes - 4.6 Mb
12. windswept tea tree - 2.5 Mb
13. taiga - 3.5 Mb

ETA: Track 9 link fixed
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